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Palm Springs Estates FL Locksmith, Palm Springs Estates, FL 786-406-6377Palm Springs Estates FL Locksmith believes in a unique policy as it had been formed keeping the best interest of its customers. We believe that what is most affordable to our clients and would offer the best result is the service which we must provide to them - in that line, comes rekeying services. Many locksmithing firms try to conceal the option of rekeying locks as they tend to prefer double profits, but Palm Springs Estates FL Locksmith isn’t one of them!

To re-key locks is one of the finest procedures you can adopt to get done by our locksmiths at your place for better safety structure for minimal rates!

What does the rekey procedure involve?

It is a procedure by which we would get the locking mechanism replaced in a few minutes. The process involves replacing the pins and tumblers of the lock, as those are the two components that form the basis of locks. As we replace the old pins and tumblers with better ones, you can be assured to have better safety and security. Also, if you want to re-key locks with a master key system, you will be able to establish access control for absolute affordable costs. 

When should you re-key locks?

Rekeying locks becomes an incumbent process during the following situations:

  • Moving to a new property:  If you have moved into a new property, it is highly recommended to re-key locks in order to render the old keys useless.  

  • You’re renting out to someone new:  I f you are a residential space owner or someone who owns a commercial premise, rekeying with better and new pins and tumblers in order to prevent old tenants from entering the space. 

  • After divorce/fall outs: Messy divorces lead to bitter relationships. Do you fear your former spouse barging inside the house? Re-key locks immediately to avoid such happenings! 

  • You’ve lost your keys: Have you misplaced your keys? Avail our services to render the old keys useless and to have new ones!

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Your lock that need not necessarily be replaced unless they are damaged or cannot withstand a rekeying procedure. In all other cases, you can opt to re-key locks to have finely working lock at place. Rekeying procedure is easier and much more affordable than others!

Want to re-key locks at your place in the area? Call Palm Springs Estates FL Locksmith on 786-406-6377 to quickly get the procedure done!